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How far away are we from a zero waste festival?
1st August 2014 by Alessandro Maccioni
After looking at the UK’s recycling policies last time on the blog, we thought considering we are smack bang in the middle of festival season that today we’d review the...
What is the current state of recycling in the UK?
29th July 2014 by Alessandro Maccioni
This week on our rubbish removal blog, we’ll be taking a look at the current state of recycling in Britain and have a look at what needs to be done...
Why We Need to Start Paying Attention to Outer Space Rubbish Removal
21st July 2014 by Alessandro Maccioni
Although on the blog we usually address rubbish removal in central London, today we’ll be peering through our telescopes and focusing on outer-planetary junk matters.   Recently our attention has...
Mattress recycling to improve London waste disposal
4th July 2014 by Alessandro Maccioni
London is soon to play host to a new mattress recycling plant and improved bedding recycling programme following the release of grants from the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB)...
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