Be Kind to London Parks this Summer

9th June 2015 by Junkwize Admin

London Parks are a mecca for sun-lovers and families during the summer months, with people visiting the city’s most idyllic green areas in their droves. But with this popularity, comes a few problems which often go unseen by the general public. Rubbish disposal is an increasingly pressing issue, especially in popular areas like Hyde Park. It is estimated that the Westminster Council collects up to 10,000 items of rubbish in Hyde Park in just a day. That’s a lot of waste. So what can be done to keep London Parks free of rubbish so that everybody can enjoy them? In the end, it comes down to the visitors themselves.

The key thing to remember is just to clean up after yourself! If you’ve had a picnic or party, collect up all the rubbish and take it to the nearest bin. If it’s full, look for another one, or take it home with you for disposal. This takes very little effort but can have a major impact. Taking plastic carrier bags is advisable so that you can dispose of any rubbish that you create. If you have a dog, have an extra container of plastic bag at hand to remove any dog waste. Sometimes rubbish removal London companies are provided especially for this kind of waste. Dual-purpose bins are also available at some parks although be sure to check for a symbol which indicates that this is permitted.

Visitors going for a walk may be better advised to stick to the allotted paths where bins are more readily available. Although there are normally no hard-or-fast rules regarding this, not straying from these paths may prove easier on the manicured grass, which can of course turn into a quagmire, especially when the weather is wet. Also, there are fewer bins further away from the main paths so there’s an added temptation to leave the odd sweet-wrapper or empty drink bottle without being noticed.

So doing your bit to tidy up after you, will help keep the area you occupied clean, which will itself encourage others to follow suit. Open-spaces, especially in built-up areas of London are to be cherished – they provide a convenient, quick refuge away from the city’s endless hustle and bustle and offer Londoner’s an opportunity to unwind and relax for an hour or two, before stepping back in to the metropolitan maelstrom that surrounds them. Having random pieces of rubbish floating about in the wind does not make for a particularly pleasant afternoon.

By following the above guidelines, you’ll be making a major contribution to your local park’s upkeep, while helping all those people behind the scenes who help make the park what it is. Just apply a little bit of common sense and try not to be forgetful when leaving the park. Pick up all of your rubbish and store it in preparation for disposal. Human beings are the main generators of waste and refuse so be on your guard when visiting places of beauty!