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Britain’s Most Air Polluted Cities – How can we make them Cleaner?
29th January 2016 by Junkwize Admin
[Data Source: World Health Organisation] [Data Source: The Guardian] Air pollution is all around us. Sometimes, when levels of air pollution are particularly bad, we might notice it in the...
Be Kind to London Parks this Summer
9th June 2015 by Junkwize Admin
London Parks are a mecca for sun-lovers and families during the summer months, with people visiting the city’s most idyllic green areas in their droves. But with this popularity, comes...
Pros and Cons of Rubbish Incinerators
by Junkwize Admin
Rubbish incineration has become one of the more favoured methods of waste management in the world. In fact, they’ve become extremely important in helping our services cope with the sheer...
London Music Festivals Clean-ups
by Junkwize Admin
The summer brings with it all kinds of events and happenings all over the capital. Festivals are particularly popular this time of year attracting thousands of revellers and fun-seekers from...
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