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When Rubbish Collection Becomes Art
27th June 2014 by Alessandro Maccioni
As rubbish removal specialists, we aren’t averse to a little rubbish rummaging, especially when it comes down to sorting waste from recyclables, but one man has taken rifling through rubbish...
London Schoolgirl Highlights Plastic Problems
20th June 2014 by Alessandro Maccioni
A young Londoner has put MPs to shame with her innovative ideas for plastic waste recycling after submitting a winning entry to the Wastebuster Competition. The Wastebuster Competition recognises and...
Rubbish Removal Options to Avoid Fines
12th June 2014 by Mike Grindy
In a bid to keep UK streets clean, one local authority in Wales will next week introduce legislation imposing fines on those who fail to keep their land tidy and...
Spring is for cleaning not cluttering
1st May 2014 by Alessandro Maccioni
As we now enter May it’s fair to say that Spring’s officially been sprung. If you’ve managed to rid your house from the mountains of Easter egg packaging, you can...