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Five ways to add real value to your home
29th August 2013 by Alessandro Maccioni
The housing market in the UK is still recovering from its meltdown at the hands of the financial crisis some five years ago. House sales are still nowhere near their...
What are the commercial waste clearance options in London?
22nd August 2013 by Alessandro Maccioni
Getting rid of junk and waste can be a frustrating chore for a business, especially in a busy, built-up area like London. There are of course some commercial operations where...
What to do with garden waste that can’t go on the compost heap
15th August 2013 by Alessandro Maccioni
With plenty of warm weather perfect for evenings outdoors, many of us will have been spending time in the garden this summer. Our gardens can get a little neglected over...
Preparing a property for tenants – what new landlords need to know
8th August 2013 by Alessandro Maccioni
With mortgage rates still high and banks reluctant to lend to those without a very sizeable deposit, long-term renting is becoming more and more common. The supply of new properties...