Be Junkwize - Recycling

Fun and Useful Recycling Projects for Schools
30th November 2017 by Junkwize Admin
“The children are our future” – that has to be one of the most inane and obvious statements of all time, but when it comes to the health of our...
Britain’s Most Air Polluted Cities – How can we make them Cleaner?
29th January 2016 by Junkwize Admin
[Data Source: World Health Organisation] [Data Source: The Guardian] Air pollution is all around us. Sometimes, when levels of air pollution are particularly bad, we might notice it in the...
Who Are the Furniture Re-use Network?
14th September 2015 by Junkwize Admin
Recycling is a by-word when it comes to eco-friendly living. In the UK we have in place a diverse range of recycling schemes which most of us have fully integrated...
How Your Coffee Grounds Can Fertilize Your Plants
7th September 2015 by Junkwize Admin
The UK is one of the biggest coffee consumers in the world with an estimated 70 million cups drunk per day. And while many people get their kicks from instant...
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