How Does London Rate to Other Cities in Terms of Recycling and Cleanliness?

9th June 2015 by Junkwize Admin

Every single London borough has a recycling scheme of some kind. In fact, it seems that nearly all the waste that we generate can be recycled somehow. On rubbish days, there are containers for plastic bottles, paper and even food waste in some areas. London is surely one of the greenest cities in the world, and possibly the cleanest. Let’s take a look at how our capital stacks up against other world cities.

Helsinki, Finland
This city is set in beautiful surroundings and features an innovative electricity system which consumes less electricity which manages to generate more.  Its well looked after streets as well as the numerous environmentally friendly cars that run up and down them make this Finnish city one of the greenest on the planet.

Reykjavic, Iceland
This has got to be one of the greenest countries on the planet. Reykjavic is powered totally by renewable energy. It’s surrounded by geothermal activity which is then converted into energy and also relies on hydropower. Although there’s a small reliance on fossil fuels, the plans are to become completed independent of them by 2050.

San Francisco – USA
Our American cousins often seem to lag behind, when it comes to greener living. However, San Francisco is making leaps and bounds in terms of sustainability. In 2007 it banned the use of plastic bags which saved an estimated 100 million of them being taken to landfill sites. In addition, it has since initiated programs which will save an estimated 77% of refuse materials being send to landfill.

Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver is another recycling gem. It’s renowned for the inventive recycling techniques it has invented, which includes solar powered rubbish compactors. These are usually the size of your average household bin but can hold up to five times more rubbish removal. The city draws on an amazing 90% of its power from advanced recycling technologies such as this.

Curitaba, Brazil
Curitaba is the pride of Brazil when it comes to green living. It boasts thousands of green spaces including 14 forests and 16 parks making it a rather pleasant place to live! The city also recycles about 70% of its waste and even uses sheep in its parks to keep the grass short.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Although, Copenhagen is well-known for its recycling efforts, the city also plays a major role in keeping its air clean. Around 50% of residents use bicycle to get around the place – something which is good for the residents’ lungs as well as our floundering climate.

Stockholm, Sweden
Winner of the European Green Capital Award in 2010, Stockholm continues to strive for sustainability. Carbon emissions are extremely low at only 3.4 tons – in comparison to the average European levels which are around 10 tons, this is pretty impressive. 40% of the city is made up of green spaces as well.

So that’s our list of major recycling cities of the world. London is most definitely doing its bit for the environment, but we still have some way to go in reducing vehicle emissions, judging by the efforts being made by some of the above destinations.