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How to make recycling easier for your family

5th July 2013 by Alessandro Maccioni

Recycling has been a hot topic for the best part of ten years, as people have gradually woken up to its value and importance.

Even with the onset of the recession, which is putting a strain on people’s finances to this day, most of us are still doing our bit for the environment.

But recycling doesn’t just have positive environmental impacts, it can also help families save money, cut out wasteful spending and reduce their bills. With many households still struggling financially, recycling isn’t just for the environmentally conscious; it’s for the money conscious too.

Multiple recycling boxes and bags all organised perfectly.

If all our rubbish was organised as well as this then we’d be a much more efficient nation.

Of course, households can always do more when it comes to recycling, it’s simply a case of making it as straightforward as possible. So how can your family make recycling easier?

Start with a little investment

Recycling will always save you money in the long run as you are reusing and repurposing things rather than throwing them away. But there can be costs involved initially, especially if you want to fully integrate recycling into your home and life.

Don’t worry, there are no life-changing sums of money required to be a little greener; helpful things like dedicated recycling bins for your kitchen, a compost bin for your garden and using an eco-friendly house clearance scheme in London, or in your local area, do not cost the Earth but make all the difference.

Recycling is a solid investment, and though it might take a little while and a bit of hard work, you and your family are guaranteed to see results – both financially and in your own wellbeing.

Mattresses & Sofas dumped on the road.

For larger junk, like this, Junkwize can help you out.

Get into a routine

Anything new and different can seem like a challenge at first, be it starting a new job, moving to a new house or establishing a new recycling scheme.

Yet once we grow accustomed to the change and settle into a routine, everything becomes easier and much simpler. Recycling is no different; it’s just a case of getting into a routine.

Start by getting into the habit of separating and recycling as much of your waste and rubbish as possible. Put a dedicated recycling bin in the kitchen next to your existing bin, to really enforce the habit and form the routine.

It’s also a good idea to set a day once a week or once a fortnight for visiting a local recycling site, to stop bottles, cans and other recyclables from building up at home. Many supermarkets have recycling facilities, so get into the habit of taking your recycling with you before you do the weekly shop.

Get everyone involved

There’s no point in going on a one-person recycling mission when everyone else in your household is still throwing plastic, metal and cardboard into the same bin. It’s important to get the whole family involved in the push to become a greener household, as not only will this make it much more effective, but it’ll make it much easier too.

Get everyone – mum, dad, the children, even the dog – into the recycling habit by tackling it together as a family. Make sure you help each other out when it comes to visiting the recycling site, and reward good recycling with a treat or two.

It’s also a good idea to come up with a recycling schedule to make sure everyone does their bit and no one is left doing the dirty jobs (like taking out the rubbish) over and over again. This way everyone will be getting involved and making an effort, which immediately makes the whole thing much easier. And before you know it you’ll all be reducing, reusing and recycling without even thinking about it.