JunkWize announces charitable partnership with Eaves

25th October 2013 by Alessandro Maccioni

It is with great pleasure that we officially launch our partnership with Eaves, which will see us donate some of our services to them for free. Eaves aim to expose and address violence against women and girls across the UK.

Eaves provide accommodation and support to female victims of violence, trafficking and prostitution. Through research and lobbying they aim to ‘eliminate all aspects of violence against women’.

Eaves logo.

We are proud to be supporting Eaves.

Day to day, JunkWize removes tonnes of rubbish and we ensure that most of it is recycled. In doing so, we hope to show that we truly care about the environment. In helping Eaves, though, we hope to show that we also care about our community’s health and welfare.

We initially heard about Eaves around six months ago. Once we later read the case studies on the Eaves website we immediately knew that we wanted to help out in any way we could. The support they give to women in the UK who are exposed to violence is unrivalled and they don’t get enough credit for doing what they do.

JunkWize company logo.

The famous JunkWize Owl Logo.

Helping Eaves remove their rubbish and junk gives us a real sense of pride as a company and it helps motivate all of us to do a great job for all our clients. We recognise that the less time and money Eaves have to spend sorting out their rubbish, the more time they can spend focusing on what they do best.

So we would advise any other companies to get involved, as well. It will be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

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