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Britain’s Most Air Polluted Cities – How can we make them Cleaner?
29th January 2016 by Junkwize Admin
[Data Source: World Health Organisation] [Data Source: The Guardian] Air pollution is all around us. Sometimes, when levels of air pollution are particularly bad, we might notice it in the...
Turning Garbage into Art – The World’s Best Trash Artists
29th December 2015 by Junkwize Admin
Recycled waste has more uses than you think; it can be turned into beautiful artistic pieces by talented artists, and provider a unique and colourful addition to home, office or...
Why Oxford Street Might Need a Makeover
23rd December 2015 by Junkwize Admin
Oxford Street used to be a street that lead to the gallows but these days it is home to half a million shoppers per day and home to more than...
The Cleanest Beaches in the UK
20th December 2015 by Junkwize Admin
If you are dreaming of a beach holiday, you may want to consider one of Britain’s local beaches as they are said to be among the cleanest beaches around. Let’s...
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