Rubbish Removal Options to Avoid Fines

12th June 2014 by Mike Grindy
Picture taken by Martin Addison, no changes made, Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic.

In a bid to keep UK streets clean, one local authority in Wales will next week introduce legislation imposing fines on those who fail to keep their land tidy and free of waste. Whilst all local authorities have the power to impose such fines, Blaenau Gwent council appears to be the first to actively employ such tactics in tackling waste issues.

Rubbish Illegally Dumped.

Picture taken by Martin Addison, no changes made, Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic.

Rubbish removal shouldn’t be a problem with the myriad of options available these days and the quick, efficient services running in all major cities, so it’s a shame it’s come to a point where stricter measures must be imposed. If you take pride in our city just as we do, you’ll agree there’s nothing more disheartening to see than littered lawns spilling junk onto our pavements and attracting all kinds of pests you’d rather not come face-to-face with. The simple solutions to waste disposal problems are overwhelmingly cheaper and distinctly less painful than being hit with a hefty £150 fine for failing to get rid of rubbish, and here in London the options are wide ranging and totally convenient.

Certainly the first consideration of rubbish should be – “is it only rubbish to me?” one man’s trash can most definitely be another man’s treasure. Therefore, before discarding unwanted items, make a quick Freecycle enquiry or drop items off at a local charity shop, so diverting them at least temporarily from their landfill destiny. Donating items to Freecycle will not only relieve you of your junk problem, but will actually assist people in your local community, and it takes zero effort. In fact, a scheme like this should definitely be one of your first ports of call if you have good condition items you’re looking to get rid of. It’s even less effort than selling things on, and whilst there’s no financial opportunity, there’s a huge dose of charitable feel-good.

In a similar vein, charity shops are an easy place to relieve yourself of old or unwanted things, and will happily take anything they can sell on. Many charities will now also collect bags of goods from your own doorstep. We can all fall into a lull of junk, but when it’s time for a clear out it’s no use just dumping old furniture in the back yard and immediately ruining its potential for recycling or upcycling as it’s left at the hands of the elements. Now you may be thinking it’s all very well to bumble on about recycling, but what’s to be done with items that are truly and utterly, pure junk? Such waste can be cumbersome and unable to be collected with the regular refuse collection, so a little effort may be required in getting rid of it, but the services are there and they’re as efficient as ever.

For this type of waste, collection services similar to those of JunkWize are run by local councils, for a small fee. JunkWize specialises in removing and disposing of your waste responsibly and run reliable, professional services designed for your convenience. Insured and licensed by the Environment Agency, we like to ensure maximum recycling and minimal landfilling in our commercial and domestic waste disposal services. With prices starting at as little as £35, this type of service is certainly preferable to a fine of over £100, and will take a load off your mind knowing that your waste is not only out of sight, but can also be out of mind, as you’re safe in the knowledge that it is being responsibly disposed of.

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