Spring is for cleaning not cluttering

1st May 2014 by Alessandro Maccioni

As we now enter May it’s fair to say that Spring’s officially been sprung. If you’ve managed to rid your house from the mountains of Easter egg packaging, you can now begin to think about getting on with some spring cleaning.

Being a rubbish removal company in London, we’ve seen our fair share of spring cleaning jobs over the years. We’ve therefore built up a wealth of knowledge when it comes to giving the house a right seeing to and we thought we’d impart some of our wisdom on the blog today.

Make doormats welcoming – this is the first thing that people see before they enter your home and a nice clean doormat can set a real precedence. Give them a good shake, and a wash if you can, to really give them that welcoming sparkle.

A quick tidy up – it doesn’t sound like much but this makes a huge difference to a spring clean/clearout. By returning clothes to their rightful place in the wardrobe, organizing the kitchen, removing random rubbish from the lounge and dining room,  you’ll certainly make the whole job a lot easier.

Say goodbye to the junk – before you start on any actual cleaning we’d also recommend that you start with some de-cluttering, that is, removing anything in the house that you don’t need anymore. This can be anything from old clothes, magazines, carpets, curtain rails, fridges, paint points, old furniture, heck, even the ol’ man drawer can get the treatment.

A clear, organised home does wonders to your state of mind, so make sure to clear out as much stuff as possible. If this seems like a mammoth task, we’d say break it down into more manageable shifts. Even by taking on one or two rooms every weekend for a few weekends – it’ll soon make a noticeable difference. If you live near a fairly respectable car-boot then you can even make a bit of money for all your hard work.

Tackle the carpets and upholstery – next up make sure to hoover and/or brush down your carpets and sofas, as fabrics absorb most of the dirt and germs that build up over the festive period.

Create a new mood – by its very nature spring is a time for change, so why not reflect this with your inner décor! You can even have a lot of fun, by getting a bit creative and playing around with the mood of your home, light colours for this time of year really help to enhance the seasonal change.

So there you have our tips for a spring clean. You may find that after all your de-cluttering the amount of junk has now began to build up. Just remember, as a leading rubbish collection company in London, JunkWize can take all the hassle out of your task – the collection and the appropriate disposal.