What are the commercial waste clearance options in London?

22nd August 2013 by Alessandro Maccioni

Getting rid of junk and waste can be a frustrating chore for a business, especially in a busy, built-up area like London.

There are of course some commercial operations where waste is to be expected, with the likes of building firms and handymen inevitably producing large amounts of waste.

But it’s not just those in the construction industry that will have to deal with commercial waste now and again; virtually every business will have some excess that they will have to take care of properly.

For office-based organisations, clearing this commercial waste can be a real headache as it takes up valuable time and can potentially be rather expensive. Particularly in the City of London, where the pace of work is exceptionally fast and the pressures great, dealing with rubbish is the last thing employees want to be dealing with.

Redundant Office Electricals on the pavement.

Office equipment is bulky and awkward so let us worry about it for you.

There are some businesses that will choose to clear the waste themselves, getting members of staff to help out. But this can eat into valuable time in the office and even disrupt the running of a business for half-a-day or so.

There are plenty of commercial waste clearance options available to businesses in London that make getting rid of commercial waste easy, so which one should your company go for?

Commercial waste clearance service

Lots of businesses looking to have their office cleared use a dedicated office clearance service to get the job done. These services are often called to remove junk like old desks, whiteboards, computers and carpets.

This is probably the easiest and most hassle-free way for a firm to get rid of waste, with minimal impact on the business.

This type of service will take care of everything, from clearing the waste quickly and efficiently to disposing of it properly.

This can usually be done at a time to suit you so that there is minimum disruption to your business, while the single payment means there are no hidden surprises.

Old computers now unused and worthless.

Offices are filled up with bulky objects that one day will become bulky rubbish.

Benefits vs drawbacks

With the act of actually clearing the waste completely removed by using a dedicated waste clearance service, the benefits are plain to see.

There are very few drawbacks to this method, with the cost the only mitigating factor – though the service has the potential to pay for itself in the man-hours saved by not clearing the waste yourself.

Other clearance options

The other options available to a business include using a waste disposal centre, or hiring a skip to house the waste until it’s taken away.

While taking the waste to a designated disposal centre could potentially be cheaper than using a waste clearance service, it does require some work on your part. Then there’s the fact that some centres will charge for disposing of commercial waste.

Many businesses will use a skip for their waste clearance, but again this requires some work. While the skip service will take the skip away, it is up to you to fill it. Not only that, but skip hire is often very expensive – particularly in London.

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