What to do with garden waste that can’t go on the compost heap

15th August 2013 by Alessandro Maccioni

With plenty of warm weather perfect for evenings outdoors, many of us will have been spending time in the garden this summer.

Our gardens can get a little neglected over the winter but in summer – especially this summer – they are positively overused.

Summer gardens need to be kept looking good for parties, impromptu BBQs and as much sunbathing as possible; so lawn mowing, hedge trimming and general upkeep are vital. This can result in a lot of garden waste over the course of the summer – most of which can be composted at home.

But what about the garden waste that can’t go on the compost heap? Or when your compost heap is full to the brim? What options do you have then?

An insight into the workings of a compost bin.

Here you can see that although composting is great, things take time to decompose.

Garden clearance service

The best option for clearing unwanted garden waste quickly and efficiently is to use a dedicated garden waste clearance service.

Whether you’re looking for garden clearance in London, or anywhere else, these services take the hassle out of waste disposal.

When it comes to bulky items, or if you just have a lot of hedge trimmings and lawn clippings that need disposing of, this type of all-inclusive service is best.

Benefits of garden clearance

While a skip or a trip to the dump are both an option for clearing your garden of waste, neither is as easy a solution as using a dedicated waste removal service.

A stunning formal garden.

No waste is present here, thus it’s ready to show off to people.

Most services will be able to cope with almost any garden waste items, no matter how bulky or awkward. Not only that, but there is no job too small for most firms; so even if you have just one heavy item that you simply can’t shift, a clearance service can help.

Finally, a garden clearance service will do all the work for you, from taking the items away to disposing of them properly. Most will also come at a time that suits you – even the weekend in many cases – to keep the impact on your life as minimal as possible.

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