Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

The Government announced on 23rd March that people should stay at home wherever possible with restrictions on retail outlets opening. In line with current advice, some businesses need to stay open for the public good and to support the nation. Junkwize provides a support role to key sectors including supermarkets, emergency maintenance, the NHS and the MOD and has been granted COVID-19 Critical Contractor status covering key contracts. We also provide essential services to homes and businesses where waste may cause an environmental hazard or where individuals are unable to dispose of waste themselves.

We recognise that we provide essential services to many of our customers and want to reassure them that we will continue to provide them with a service as long as we are able to do so. There may be some delays in collection or getting through to our contact centre during this period.

Current Government advice allows us to enter the home to collect waste. However we have brought in more stringent measures to protect staff and customers which does mean waste should be left outside unless the house is unoccupied or the waste can be completely isolated. We will not be able to enter the home if someone is shielding indoors or is in a high risk group. If you identify to us in advance that a person is vulnerable (but not high risk) and may require additional assistance, we will do our best to accommodate this safely. In person contact should be kept to an absolute minimum and only when strictly required and if required from a distance of at least 2m.

Overview of measures we have put in place:

  • Waste should be placed outside wherever it is possible to do so to ensure that there is no close human interaction.
  • Where this is not possible waste should be contained in a single room away from other people
  • We are not able to collect if you are exhibiting symptoms or have been exposed to the virus or are isolating due to potential exposure
  • Our staff are taking precautions and only attending work if they are fit to do so
  • We will not hand over tablets, mobile phones or documentation and will sign these on your behalf
  • Most of our office are working remotely and from 27th March will be 100% remote
  • Waste from homes with possible cases of COVID-19 and waste from cleaning of areas where possible cases have been identified should be double bagged, using a strong rubbish bag. These bags should be tied and stored for at least 72 hours or they will need to be moved as Category B infectious waste in orange bags (which we cannot help with). More info here.

We would ask all customers to cooperate fully during these difficult times to ensure we can continue to operate safely.