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Bathroom Removal & Disposal in London

Professional Bathroom Removal & Disposal in London

What do you do when bathroom elements like bathtubs, mirrors, doors, windows and more have to be disposed of? Do you use an unreliable rubbish collection service to do it for you? Don’t, because there’s a simpler solution, and its name is Junkwize. Not only these but also general house elements too, like worktops and household waste.

Bathroom clearance and removal services? Bathtub removal or mirror collection too? Look no further than Junkwize, because we are able to quickly and efficiently come and take away all household elements junk that you want to get rid of. Our household items removal service is affordable and convenient, allowing you to book a time that suits you, where our team of disposal professionals will swing by and do the rest for you.


Bath rubbish collection isn’t easy, nor is toilet clearance. These are heavy items that could cause you harm, plus they take up a lot of space. So, don’t wait around, call Junkwize today, we will take care of your bathroom clearance and collection in a responsible and eco-friendly way.