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Electronic & e-Waste Recycling in London

Why should you use Junkwize for electronic waste recycling?

TVs, computers, lamps and any other lighting – these items can be a real chore to get rid of and it is also advised to not place these items in your general waste bin. TV and other electronic equipment often contains hazardous substances and therefore requires a special collection and recycling. You need an electronic and e-waste recycling service that delivers. Junkwize can help you with our convenient and reliable service that will take this hassle off your hands at an affordable price.

desk with computer

The best option for disposal of e-waste

Computer recycling or TV and laptop recycling isn’t an easy job. Often these items are delicate, they can break and cause a mess. Electronics disposal needs to be handled by a company that is careful and diligent. We at Junkwize pride ourselves on providing a complete service – allowing you to conveniently book a time for collection and the team at Junkwize will then take care of your electronic and e-waste recycling needs in a timely and reliable manner. The scrap yard is always our final resort, we will always look for a more economically friendly way to dispose of your electricals. And further, there is no criteria of minimum items needed for us to come to your location and collect the electronic items. We will be more than happy to collect as much as a single item from you.

Do you require a TV recycling service, or perhaps e-waste disposal service? Give us a call, and we can take care of the rest, don’t leave your electricals lying around, causing a mess. Junkwize is the simpler solution!