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Door Removal & Recycling in London

Why do you need a door removal service?

After years of general use and wear and tear, doors often need to be replaced. When this happens, some people try to do this themselves. It’s long, arduous and a time-consuming task for anyone not trained and with the right equipment to dispose of it. That’s why door removal and recycling in London should be left to the professionals. Junkwize has an impeccable record for this process, servicing Londoners for years and receiving wonderful feedback for all the work we do.

The most efficient and eco-friendly door removal option

It’s also important to know that you can’t simply dump your old door in a landfill or skip. These are recyclable items that should be recycled. Not only would this action lead to hefty fines but it also degrades the natural environment we all live in. When you consider this, it’s so much easier to use a professional company who do this efficiently and also at a low cost. Junkwize is a door removal and recycling company you can completely trust. We have a highly trained and experienced staff always ready to deliver an exceptional tailored service to you. Moreover, there is no set of minimum number of doors that are needed for us to collect. So whether you need to get rid of a single door or multiple, it does not matter, we will come to your location. At Junkwize, we promise to collect and dispose of your doors professionally, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

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