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Fridge Disposal & Removal in London

Specialists in Fridge Disposal & Removal in London

Of all the large household appliances, fridges can be the peskiest, as they are prone to being faulty and are very large, heavy items. Removing them from your home is more than a chore, it’s an extremely tough job, especially with difficulties arranging transportation for such a bulky item! Disposing of them in an eco-friendly and responsible fashion can be even more time-consuming.  for you.

Many Londoners may not now, but a lot of the substances contained in fridges are hazardous to the environment if disposed of incorrectly. When you add this all up, using a professional and specialist fridge disposal and removal company in London is a much better option. That’s where Junkwize comes in! We are a leading specialist provider of junk removal service.

What makes Junkwize special when it comes to fridge disposal?

Our on-demand fridge disposal service makes up the perfect solution for both homes and businesses who have an unwanted and old fridge that they want to dispose. We are an unbeatable track record for fridge removal and disposal in London, surpassing all other companies. Why’s this? Because our staff are highly trained, caring, efficient, and helpful. You will experience a completely hassle free service with us. And there is no set of minimum items needed for us to collect. We will be more than happy to collect as much as a single item from you.

What are you waiting for? For fridge disposal in London, get in touch for a free quote now! Similarly, if you’d like more information on our general rubbish clearance service, follow the link just mentioned.