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Mattress Disposal & Removal in London

Experts in Mattress Disposal & Removal in London

We’ve all seen them, lying on the side of a road in London – old mattresses that should’ve been disposed of properly! Not only is this illegal, but it also makes your property look bad. Further, a recent statistic identified that approximately 800,000 mattresses are discarded around London every year in an environment-unfriendly way giving rise to significant environmental concerns. Mattresses are incredibly bulky and a very difficult waste stream to manage, so we understand your problem.

Studies indicate that it is recommended to replace your mattress every 5-7 years. This is always a great habit since insomnia and back pain can potentially arise as a result of sleeping on a worn-out mattress. Once you buy a new mattress, then how would you get rid of the older one?

Why use our mattress disposal service?

There’s a simpler solution, and its name is Junkwize. We are the best mattress disposal and removal company in London and we can help you in making the whole mattress disposal process to be easier and stress-free. We have been helping Londoners for years to remove those pesky old mattresses! Whether you have a single, double or king size mattress we can deal with it all. And whether you need to get rid of a single mattress or multiple, it does not matter, we can do it. At Junkwize, we can collect and dispose of your old mattress professionally, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Why are we London’s favourite choice for mattress removal and disposal? Because we are affordable, quick to help, and have the best-trained staff out there. We pride ourselves on being courteous and helpful to all our customers. With Junkwize, there is no hassle, only professionalism, and efficiency. For more on our main rubbish removal & junk collection service in London visit here.

Get in touch now for a free quote – it’s so simple and easy! Or if you’d like to know more about our general junk removal service, follow the link here.