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Microwave Disposal & Recycling in London

The quick and eco-friendly option for microwave disposal

Microwaves are one household appliance that can break in the blink of an eye! Anything from an electrical short-circuit to simply coming to the end of its lifespan, when this item breaks it needs to be disposed of properly. Microwaves should not be placed in your general waste bin since this piece of electrical equipment contains hazardous substances that requires a separate collection and recycling in order to avoid any damage to the environment. Thankfully, when it comes to microwave disposal and recycling in London, Junkwize is an experienced and professional eco-friendly rubbish removal and collection company striving to deliver first class service and convenience to customers.

What makes us the best for microwave recycling?

We have a wonderful friendly team who are very well trained and experienced in disposing of old household appliances, and microwaves are no exceptions. Microwave disposal and recycling don’t have to be a chore at all, it’s something that professionals like Junkwize are happy to do for you. Our services will be tailored to your convenience and we promise to do our work efficiently and effectively. We do not have a minimum item pickup requirement so please feel free to schedule either a bulk or even singular pickups for your old or broken microwaves and we will remove the items for you. And most importantly, as a result of our services, energy is saved and the environment is protected from the recycling of microwaves. For more on our main rubbish removal & junk collection services in London visit here.

For a professional and effective microwave disposal in London, get in touch now for a free quote.