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Product Destruction in London

Product Destruction Services

Product destruction is for those that want to avoid certain items falling in the wrong hands. The main reason would be to avoid falling victim to fraud and identity theft. To be specific, it is one of the most rapidly growing aspects of security. Another reason behind using a product destruction service is to avoid having items diverted to international markets.

To take it a step further, product destruction services are continually becoming more common amongst companies. This would include those that deal with sensitive data and want to dispose of redundant stock.

Our product destruction services can be used for:

  • Faulty products that cannot be sold
  • Excess stock
  • Illegal or counterfeit goods including tobacco, alcohol, fake designer clothes and accessories, sunglasses, textiles, toys, CDs, DVDs
  • Products that contain confidential information such as, ID cards, badges and digital media.
  • Branded products such as uniforms, marketing materials , business cards etc.

Product Destruction Process

The product destruction process involves three main steps:

Firstly the equipment is inspected by qualified engineers to ensure it is safe for disposal. Secondly, parts that are hazardous will be removed from the machine or device in a process known as “decommissioning.” Finally, once all of this work is complete the products are then shredded or destroyed in a secure environment using specialist machinery.

Products are destroyed safely and securely under CCTV monitored environment and a certificate of destruction is provided with every consignment.

Why Choose Junkwize Product Destruction Services?

  1. We provide affordable, transparent and accountable product destruction services.
  2. Our service is reliable and on time. You can rely on us to remove your redundant stock so you never risk damaged products appearing in the market.
  3. We are a company that ensures the legality of any process we use.
  4. We are licensed by the Environmental Agency, ISO 9001,  ISO 14001 and Safe Contractor accredited
  5. Whenever we are disposing of redundant stock, we use our product destruction service to eliminate  the risk that products would end up in circulation again.
  6. We keep our doors open seven days a week to accommodate your schedule.

With product destruction we ensure that our highest environmental standards are adhered to and all waste as a result of product destruction is fully recycled and not sent to landfill. We also offer Hazardous Waste Disposal Services.

Our experts will be ready to support you. Please call us on 0203 432 2118 or email us to discuss your needs.