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Junkwize is a specialist rubbish removal & collection company handling both small-scale and large-scale rubbish clearance jobs, for the residents and businesses of London. We are entirely dedicated to collecting and responsibly disposing of your rubbish in a professional way.


You may be interested in domestic rubbish collection for your home; perhaps you’re de-cluttering, downsizing or simply disposing of all those items which you once thought you might need, but which now occupy valuable space and simply gather dust.

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As a business, perhaps an office, shop, hotel, factory or warehouse in London, you may be re-locating, restructuring or upgrading. You may well be a growing company located in a few small offices, or a larger business operating from several floors in a multi-storey building.

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Bulk Waste

Your rubbish may well be composed of furniture, electrical appliances (WEEE), clothes, carpets, books and all other forms of clutter that modern life generates.

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Skip Hire

As a company you may well have office equipment, storage cupboards, files, electronic items, furniture and even carpeting and window blinds in need of removal. In short, no matter what your rubbish collection needs are, we can help you.

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Professional, Responsible Rubbish Removal & Collection

Our focus with our service is providing a professional & eco-friendly rubbish removal and collection in London. We will keep you fully informed of costs and timings throughout our simple process, as we want our customers to have complete understanding of the services we provide for them. Affordable and efficient – those are our promises with rubbish removal and collection in London, and that’s why Londoners love us.

As well as this, we are also fully insured and licensed by the Environment Agency to clear all forms of junk and we will always dispose of your junk lawfully; our prime objective is to maximize recycling and minimize landfill useage. We extend our work to all corners of London, from Harrow to Dulwich, Hackney to Twickenham, the Junkwize vans go the extra mile to bring you a trusted rubbish removal & collection service in London.


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Clear and transparent pricing

We charge by the amount of rubbish collected. Our rates include loading, sweep-up and disposal from anywhere on your London premises.

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It's easy to book with us

Our staff are friendly, helpful and above all else, flexible because we know that your time is important and valuable. As such, we will arrange our visits to suit your calendar and timings.

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Our clients do the rest of the talking for us

“Our experience of working with Junkwize has been brilliant. All members of the team at Junkwize, from head office to the drivers we’ve worked with, have been really helpful and gone out of their way to provide an efficient and reliable service. Thank you for assisting us in our work over the past 6 months, we look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Francesca Diamond at Eaves; an established London-based charity.

“This is the third time we have used you. Fantastic service. Your operators are very pleasant and professional and nothing is too much trouble for them. Polite and cheerful. It is a pleasure to work with them. Just like to give a special mention to Teo – what a lovely chap. That doesn’t take anything away from the others. Will never use anyone else.”

John and Austin at The Blackheath Property Company.

“Thanks so much for your prompt collection. Your staff are very helpful and everything was organised brilliantly. So often in London, we have problems with collections/deliveries but it is nice to see there are still some reputable firms that can do the job they advertise. We will definitely use you again!”

Lizzie Jaw at MB Technical Limited.

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