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Council Rubbish Collection & Removal Alternative

A cheaper and more convenient alternative to removing your rubbish! At Junkwize we are aware that your local councils do the best that they can to look after you and your waste removal needs. However if ever you have hoped for an alternative to your local council rubbish collection and removal practise then let Junkwize be the answer for rubbish removal and collection in London.

Junkwize we have the ability to respond to and deal with your enquiry all within the same day. We offer a range of services that are suitable for all persons looking for an alternative to council rubbish collection and removal. Services that we offer that may be more suitable than the council rubbish removal service offered and consist of; skip hire and alternatives as well as RoRo container hire.

We provide an efficient and cost effective service that will happily substitute in when local council waste collection and disposal standards are not up to the levels you expect. The services offered provide a wider and more flexible rubbish removal than that potentially offered by the council and we try our hardest to work around our customers and satisfy both their personal and financial needs the best we can.

In saying this we are aware that time is a precious commodity in this day and age and our streamlined booking and pickup/drop off processes ensure that as little time is spent by our customers organising the removal of their junk and more time is spent actually disposing of it (in the most efficient and eco-friendly manner of course).

We understand that each and every council is different and from time to the time are sometimes non-responsive due to the amount of requests that they have from many of the council members. If ever you are looking for a competitive stand-in for your council waste removal services, at Junkwize we will happily listen to and facilitate any request you may have.

To get in touch or to get a quote for our council rubbish collection and removal services, please fill out one of our booking forms.