Terms & Conditions

Junkwize LTD Terms & Conditions

For the T&C’s below, Junkwize Ltd is referred to as “we” or “us”.

  1. All bookings are subject to our terms and conditions.
  2. Junkwize Ltd staff reserve the right to work safely and will stop work should they feel any conditions may endanger the public, our customers or our staff.
  3. Telephone estimates cannot be guaranteed until an employee of Junkwize Ltd views the junk on-site. If some of the waste is not visible, we can only estimate the amount, and therefore the price.
  4. All non-account customers must make payment on the day of the collection.
  5. Cancellations within 24 hours of a booked collection will always incur a £75+VAT charge.
  6. Payments must be processed on completion of the job unless agreed otherwise in writing by Junkwize Ltd.
  7. On receipt of your waste, we reserve the right to charge for the amount of waste received. Junkwize Ltd staff will do everything they can to provide accurate estimates. On most occasions contact will be made after viewing the waste to inform the customer of the exact volume and therefore price. If contact cannot be made quickly, we reserve the right to charge for the amount taken, and any extra time or other disposal charges incurred.
  8. All waste collected by us is considered the property of the customer until the customer has paid Junkwize Ltd for the collection. Because bulky waste has a high disposal cost, should a customer refuse to pay, and should the waste have already been disposed or recycled by Junkwize Ltd, we reserve the right, to return the same weight or volume of waste as has been collected.
  9. Any late payments may incur the extra costs made to recover payment. Junkwize Ltd reserves the right to charge interest on balances owed, at a rate of 2% per month.
  10. Although very rare, we occasionally find that items are too large or heavy to be removed by our 2 man team. In this case we would re-book if we couldn’t get another 2 man team on-site quickly.
  11. Jobs requiring multiple loads are done on a load by load basis and we reserve the right to cease collections at any point and charge for the amount of waste collected.
  12. ANY queries over the amounts charged by Junkwize Ltd must be raised in writing/ by phone within 24 hours so that specific details can be provided accurately.
  13. If any of our teams spot or suspect Asbestos they are required to leave the site immediately in line with HSE guidelines. Needles and any other hazardous / toxic substances can also result in immediate vacation of a site or premises.
  14. Asbestos

    Before any clearance work commences on a customer site where builders’ waste or renovation waste is being cleared, we are entitled to request to view the site-specific asbestos register.

    The position and condition of any should be noted within the asbestos register. If, during our work, we see any fibrous material or other that we think may be asbestos, we reserve the right to:

    – stop work immediately

    – prevent any dust / fibre being released e.g. turn off power tools or minimize air movement etc.

    – evacuate the immediate area and prevent access by others e.g. the public

    – inform those responsible for the premises and the Health and Safety Co-ordinator, so that the necessary sampling can be arranged

    – do (remove) not return to that area until informed that it is safe to do so.

  15. Multiple Load CollectionsAs a skip alternative, we reserve the right to charge for the amount of waste we have collected as well as any extra time (if extra time was needed) or safe disposal charges (like fridges, TVs, monitors etc). All multiple load collections are chargeable on a load by load basis.Any quotations given by phone or email are considered estimations to help give the client an indication of cost. Many jobs are very difficult to estimate, and can become less or more than estimated initially even by the customers.
  16. New Account Customers New Account customer’s balances will be due on receipt until a credit limit is approved by us. Once payments are seen to be on time and prompt, we would offer 30 day payments up to a certain agreed amount.
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