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Catering & Retail Waste Management

Catering & Retail Waste Management in London

Catering and Retail Waste Management Services are procedures to handle the waste generated by catering, retail stores, malls and other types of business. These wastes are usually solid, liquid materials that can be potentially hazardous to the environment if not handled properly. 

Therefore it is important for business owners to establish disposal plans for these wastes. If you are looking for professional solutions in Retail and Catering Waste Management Services in London then your search ends here.

We handle projects for both tiny, medium-sized, and large enterprises. Our services are completely tailored to each buyer’s needs, from simply collecting trash to full recycling.

Catering Waste Management & Disposal in London

If you are a commercial business within the food industry who produces regular waste and rubbish Junkwize could be your next ally. 

We offer many a stress-free and helpful catering waste management & disposal services in London, tailored specifically to take the hassle out of removing your junk, that way you can focus on what really matters, food!

We can arrange a regular contract for restaurant waste management & disposal service in London, or simply provide a one-off service. We also remove all of the junk, and repeat! It’s as easy as that, saving you valuable time and money.

We’re also able to provide an on-demand restaurant and food waste management service for you, and we’re happy to help. As well as the regular restaurant waste management & disposal service in London, we are always available for you if you need an extra one off collection completed.

Retail Waste Management and Disposal in London

Recently the High Street and its outlets are becoming more adaptable and responsive to the needs of shoppers whether you are resizing or relocating or a small independent shop, large and busy shopping centre, restaurant or food outlet we can help keep your premises waste free.

Are you a commercial retailer who produces a lot of waste on a regular basis? We offer a retail waste management and disposal service that completely takes the hassle out of removing your waste. We can arrange a regular collection every week at a time that suits you, whether it is the same time every week or simply a time that suits you, our retail waste management and disposal team will quickly remove the required waste. This weekly collection will save you both time and money.

Junkwize offers an on-demand service, as well as the regular collection service, we are readily available for any extra collection.

We understand the importance of creating welcoming environments to increase footfall and sales therefore whether you are changing your shop windows for the latest arrivals, refurbishing your store, destroying branded products or even disposing of a broken fridge we have a solution for you.

If you work in the retail or catering industry and require any of our services then give Junkwize a call today, we will be more than happy to take care of your shop waste collection. Learn more about our rubbish removal and clearance service for general information.

Our fully trained operatives can deliver the service you require when you require it. Providing you knowledge and value for money together with a top service.

Please call us on 020 3944 5175 or email us to discuss your needs.