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Skip Hire Alternative in London

Affordable Skip Hire Alternative in London

Londoners now have a skip hire alternative at their disposition. Often, they think that they have to hire a skip when they have a large amount of rubbish that needs disposing of. This isn’t true, and is often the worst option for clearing away all your unwanted rubbish and waste. Enter Junkwize’s Skip Hire Alternative service, which was designed to offer a better, more affordable and convenient service that hiring a skip.

There are issues with skip hire – they have a large carbon footprint, you need a skip permit (costly), you have to do all the heavy lifting, and often they do not take appliance. Does this sound like an ideal service? Not at all. Well, with Junkwize Skip Hire Alternative service in London, this means that instead of a skip, our rubbish removal van will come to your property (at a time that’s convenient for you), load up all the junk that you want to throw away, and be gone in an instant, relieving you of all your waste. Why is this service better than skip hire? Firstly, it’s a lot cheaper. Secondly, we do not cost for delays or for you having to acquire skip hire licenses. Then, we also do all of the heavy lifting and loading into the truck, while also removal of all types of rubbish and waste, including appliances! How much better does skip hire alternative sounds? 100% – with Junkwize’s skip hire alternative service in London you will have your rubbish removed by our team of experts, without the hassle of getting a skip yourself.

Next-day Skip Hire Alternative in London

Removing your junk should not be a hassle. With typical skip hire, you are required to do all the hard work yourself, like the lifting, organising the skip to be dropped off and then acquiring the license too. Naturally, this is something that people got fed up with, and that’s why we began offer skip hire alternative services in London, freeing London from the high prices, awkward timings and inflexible hours of having a skip. With our service, you should be able to sit back and let other professionals do this sort of tedious manual labour for you.

Difficulties skip hire may give rise to (especially in London):

  • You will need to know what size of skip is required and for how long you may need it. Getting this wrong could be a costly mistake if you need a larger skip or overrun your rental period. It may also be inconvenient as you will need to be around when the skip is delivered and again when it is collected, otherwise you may find it parked in your garden or even blocking your driveway.
  • If you plan to leave the skip on a public road you will need a permit from your local council. Every London council has its own application forms and you need to submit these in advance. 
  • When you hire a skip to be parked in the roadway you have the responsibility to make sure that it is safely marked and not causing a traffic hazard. Crucially, you will be responsible for the items you place in the skip and the risk they may cause to anyone choosing to “explore” the contents. Obviously, if you have items that are subject to WEEE regulations this may be a real risk on your part. 

Fully-licensed Rubbish Removal Company in London

You should make sure that you are hiring the skip from a licensed company and that they will use a licensed disposal site. In this instance always insist on a Waste Transfer Note which will confirm that your junk has been disposed of lawfully. Perhaps another consideration in using a skip is that it is often taken as an invitation, by neighbours and passers by, to get rid of their junk. We’ve come across plenty of instances where opportunistic neighbours have used the cover of darkness to dispose of their garden rubbish, for example! All these considerations emphasize the benefits of our skip hire alternative services.

Skip Hire Alternative Cheaper than Skip Hire

Skip hire costs are naturally higher than normal rubbish removal & clearance costs, making Junkwize’s skip hire alternative service a no-brainer for the citizens of London. A typical skip hire cost can be up to £250, whereas with our service this can be much less. There is no single charge for all collections – we charge you based on how much waste you give us, which is the fair and responsible thing to do. Our skip hire alternative service is the premium service in London if you are looking to get rid of absolutely any junk or rubbish for an affordable price, at great convenience for you compared to normal methods of waste disposal.

Other positives of our skip hire alternative service in London include the fact that our team of waste disposal experts are very efficient and friendly! Not only do you not have to do any of the work yourself, but you have a delightful team to do this for you. We pride ourselves on having a team who are considerate and want to do good with the work they do, and this fits in with our ethos of being environmentally conscious. We aim to not only help the people of London but London itself, by disposing of waste and junk in an eco-friendly manner. Learn more about our main junk removal and collection service in London.

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