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Junkwize is a rubbish removal company proudly based in London. We happily take on work right across the city from both residential and commercial clients and we charge some of the most reasonable prices in London for our services. We take all our rubbish collection work very seriously and we always tidy up after ourselves.

We have purpose made vehicles and experienced staff and we work with only the best and most highly regarded specialist recycling agencies. We take pride in our green credentials – landfill is always a last resort. We take our environmental responsibilities to you and the community at large incredibly seriously – as is demonstrated by our licence from the Environment Agency. We’re very proud of the fact that the rubbish removal work Junkwize do is so highly rated and we’re keen to help more people with their problem waste, so please get in touch!

Most of us have junk of some sort. Sometimes junk creeps up on you and it accumulates. It gets moved around from room to room, into the attic or down to the garage. If you are a business you probably have a junk area – maybe you use the basement or the corner of a warehouse.

Sometimes junk accumulates suddenly and needs to be dealt with rapidy. This will often be the case if you’ve been involved with house clearance, re-furbishing hotel rooms or offices, re-equipping a workshop or tidying up a warehouse. The size of the task is occasionally extremely daunting.

Disposing of rubbish on any scale is often frustrating and there are ample reasons why it may be better to give us a ring to sort it out for you wherever you are in London.

  1. It can be costly. You may have to hire a truck. Indeed, you may have considered using a skip – which would involve obtaining a council licence to place it on the street. Then there are the dumping fees to be paid. Before you know it the whole situation has become rather stressful.
  2. You have to know where to go as not all dump sites are the same. You may have to sort your junk to go to different collection points. As an infrequent user the dumping fees can be prohibitive and make the entire rubbish removal process quite costly.
  3. You have the traffic to contend with as well as possible congestion charges incurred when travelling across London.
  4. Perhaps most importantly, you may not have the willpower or ability to handle the junk. It can be heavy, dirty, dangerous and difficult to move (particularly when stairs are involved).
  5. Finally, it can take up lots of your scarce and valuable time. It’s a horrid truth that this is an even more prominent concern if you want the junk clearance done reliably, lawfully and in as “green” a way as possible.

Junkwize is a specialist London business and clearing junk is our only business activity, so you will get our complete and undivided attention. We are passionate about doing rubbish removal properly and that is why all our staff are fully trained and aware about the environmental benefits their work can have. We are experienced in the industry and we have excellent relationships with respected recycling centres, some of whom are charitable organizations.

We have specialist vehicles to maximize the amount collected per trip, hence our reputation for causing minimimal disruption to homes and businesses across London.

What makes us Junkwize?

Reliable and trustworthy – our operatives will always have identification and they will do their best to arrive at your premises at the time promised. This means that you will not be wasting time sitting around at home waiting for your rubbish to be collected.

Lawful and ethical – we are insured and licensed by the Environment Agency and we really pride ourselves on our green credentials. We are comitted to recycling as much of your junk as possible and we will only use landfill as a very last resort.

Flexible and accommodating – we shape our service around your requirements. If possible, we will, having provided a quotation, undertake the removals immediately or at a date and time of your choosing. In functioning this way we have succeded in maintaing long-term relationships with our customers.

To make our visits more efficient it is helpful if you can collect your junk into piles. It would be ideal if these piles were then labelled so that it was clear what junk should and should not be taken away. We are, however, quite used to having to collect from various points on your premises so please don’t worry if this is not easily possible.

We think carefully about what is important to you, what is the most effective and least disruptive method to conduct the clearance and how we can continually improve our own green recycling targets.

Junkwize is licensed by the Environment Agency and is a fully insured company. Our license number is CB/DU67924

We don’t cover your area. Get in touch to see if we can still help. This isn't a valid postcode