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Construction & Building Waste Disposal in London

What is building waste?

Building waste refers to unwanted materials that are produced as a result of different types of construction activities, which often prove difficult to dispose of.  This waste usually arises from site clearance, renovation, construction and demolition. It’s essential that businesses producing construction waste dispose of it in a responsible manner, so as not to incur fines and to reduce their environmental impact.

Which items fall under building waste removal?

At Junkwize, we understand that construction waste has to be disposed of properly, which is why we collect all kinds of building waste to ensure our clients are completely covered. This waste includes timber, glass, plastic, concrete, soil, bricks, plasterboard, cardboard, cement and more.

But before we remove these items from your construction site, we consider which waste materials are reusable and recyclable to further reduce your environmental impact. This sometimes includes small to large household and office appliances such as IT equipment, lighting equipment, and other electrical devices. You can find out more about WEEE recycling here.

It’s likely that large amounts of your waste such as concrete, glass, wood, metal, paper, plastic, plasterboard, will be recyclable. Therefore, our trusted team carefully examine the items they pick up to determine the most appropriate method of disposal.

Skips, ro-ros & grab lorries make any job possible

For larger and more complex projects we provide skip hire, grab hire and roll-on roll-off services in London that range in size to accommodate for all size of construction waste jobs. Choose from one of our affordable skips, our roll-on roll-off skips which are ideal to collect waste efficiently with minimum disruption, while our grab lorry hire services are perfect for extra assistance in clearing your building waste.

We also know that larger lorries are very difficult to drive in busy areas. In the small London streets, they can block streets, cause issues with traffic and generally be very hard to manoeuvre. This is why Junkwize’s regular vans are perfect for moving within inner city streets and have made us a favourite for many companies in London.

Why is construction waste removal important?

The construction industry is well known for being one of the largest users of natural resources, creating a huge amount of waste. Statically, about 400 million tonnes of materials are used by the UK construction industry every year, while simultaneously more than 100 million tonnes of waste are created every year.

By working with Junkwize, you can ensure your building waste disposal is being carried out in a manner that will benefit your business and environment. Whatever your skip or van requirements, we would like to give you the confidence that environment and eco-friendly waste removal practices are important to us. We aim to reduce the amount of waste you produce, gather and reuse any materials we can, and only dispose of materials that cannot be recycled.

By using Junkwize you can also help protect your workers as your construction site will be far safer if less waste is left lying around.

Responsible and efficient building waste removal

Junkwize is one of London’s leading construction waste removal service for construction businesses. Our professional waste collection and disposal processes serve our clients as well as the environment, both of which are at the heart of everything we do.

If you’re looking for an efficient and affordable solution to your construction waste removal, our Trustpilot reviews from our many happy customers demonstrate our skill and professionalism – from an immediate response to your enquiries to a clean and punctual collection service, we work hard and with a smile throughout.

We’ve been providing building waste removal to all kinds of construction projects, from small building sites to large-scale demolition programs, for many years. We understand that construction waste materials need to be eliminated through careful planning, and that harmful waste should be managed effectively. You can rely on our dedicated team who will take a close look at the phase of the construction you are in, discuss your need with you, and then specify the type of disposal that is necessary for your business.

Junkwize’s team of expert building waste removers

Our team are hard-working and helpful, as well as being very experienced in construction waste removal. Not only have our staff been working in the industry for years, but they operate in a professional and reliable manner and work responsibly, ensuring that their building waste disposal work is completed on time, without hassle, and within the confine of all laws and regulations – so you can relax knowing Junkwize are taking care of your building waste disposal.

Finally, at Junkwize, we believe that responsibility to the environment is incredibly important. We endeavour to always dispose of the construction waste we pick up in an eco-friendly manner, only resorting to landfills as a last resort.

If you’re looking for building waste removal, visit our homepage or call us to get a quote for your construction waste removal. We can address more than just construction waste disposal, our services also extend to computer and IT disposal as well as confidential document disposal. Speak to our team today to find out which services will benefit you.

We collect all kinds of builders waste: