WEEE Recycling & Electronics Disposal in London

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What is WEEE recycling?

WEEE recycling is the safe, eco-friendly disposal of Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Electrical and electronic equipment includes virtually anything that has a plug or runs on batteries. Under the WEEE Directive of 2012, European manufacturers and distributors are financially responsible for the environmental impact of the products they launch to market, especially when they are disposed of. As a consumer or a business, responsible electronics recycling is easy to arrange.

Which items fall under WEEE?

WEEE waste disposal is classified as either household or non-household and may include anything from large and small household appliances to lighting equipment, IT equipment, medical devices and automatic dispensers. Devices that were placed on the market before 2005 are considered ‘historic WEEE’; those that were placed on the market after 2005 are ‘non-historic WEEE’. Historically, the owner of electronic equipment bore responsibility for its disposal, whereas since 2005 this responsibility has been with the producer or distributor.

So to give you guidance as to whom and what the WEEE regulations cover, the list below may be helpful when it comes to recycling this material:

  • Large household appliances
  • Small household appliances
  • IT and telecommunications equipment
  • Consumer equipment
  • Electrical and electronic tools
  • Toys, leisure and sports equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Monitoring and control instruments
  • Automatic dispensers
People who are affected by WEEE regulations
  • Householders
  • Business users
  • Retailers
  • Local authorities
  • Waste management industry
  • Importers, re-branders and manufacturers
  • Operators of producer compliance schemes

The importance of WEEE waste disposal


All electrical waste contains chemicals that are harmful to the environment; this may include arsenic, lead and mercury along with polluting non-biodegradable materials such as plastics, glass and metals. When simply dumped into a landfill, our end-of-life electronic equipment will decay and leak toxins into the earth and our water systems; eventually making its way into our food chain and ourselves. What’s more, materials such as plastics, glass and metals can maintain completely intact in the environment for hundreds, if not thousands of years. This results in serious damage to our environment, ecosystems and health.

Responsible WEEE recycling is crucial in ensuring that electronic waste is dismantled for spares or recycling, or refurbished by experienced technicians, rather than added to the ecological crisis. To protect your privacy, hard drives need to be securely destroyed in accordance with DOD standards and the Data Protection Act 2018.

How to comply with WEEE regulations


Responsible WEEE recycling is in the interest of every player in the supply chain, from manufacturer and importer to retailer and end user. All businesses and government bodies in the European Community must dispose of electronic waste in the correct manner; failing to comply with WEEE regulations can result in hefty fines or even imprisonment.

If you are one of the below-mentioned stakeholders and want to ensure compliance with the Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment regulations, the easiest and most affordable solution is to contact Junkwize, London’s professional WEEE recycling service.

WEEE waste collection and recycling in London


Junkwize is London’s leading WEEE disposal service for businesses and households needing to dispose of electronics. Our professional waste collection and disposal processes serve our clients as well as the environment, and indeed the two are at the heart of everything we do.

If you’re looking for an efficient and affordable solution to your WEEE recycling problems, our Trustpilot reviews can do the talking – from immediate response to your enquiries to a clean and punctual collection service, we work hard and with a smile throughout. We work only with the most reputable recycling agencies – landfill is always a last resort. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff take their responsibilities to you and the community incredibly seriously, which is why we employ safe practices for WEEE waste collection and disposal.

Junkwize is licensed by the Environment Agency, SafeContractor, ISO9001 AND ISO14001 approved. Just call us or fill out a booking form to get a quote for your wee recycling needs. Our services also extend to computer/IT disposal as well as confidential document disposal, so please read more about these services if they interest you.

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