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Confidential Waste Disposal & Data Destruction

Confidential Waste Disposal & Data Destruction Services

Keeping your data and the data of your clients safe, secure and confidential should be at the core of everyone’s interests from businesses and private citizens alike.

Criminals are getting smarter and any piece of personal information can be used to commit fraud and cyber fraud, luckily our government takes data protection very seriously. Every business is required to follow strict GDPR standards. Junkwize can help you to be compliant and safe from being targeted costing your business thousands of pounds and most importantly its reputation.

Confidential Waste Disposal

Confidential waste disposal is the process of destroying printed documents, computer data and other products containing personal or private information in a fully responsible manner. This type of waste must be destroyed in order to prevent any chance of it falling into the wrong hands, whether through accidents or by general carelessness on behalf of employees who neglect to use the appropriate bins or shred and  destroy their documents before discarding them.

Data Destruction Services

All of the secure shred confidential waste disposal services are fully compliant and trained to industry leading practices so you can be sure you’re working with a trusted supplier.

Confidential Waste Disposal & Data Destruction Process

The following steps are followed when disposing of confidential waste:

1. All items that need to be disposed of are placed into a secure container labelled ‘confidential waste’.

2. Trained staff  collects all containers and takes them to a secure area within the premises. 

3. Electronics, such as computers and mobile phones, are wiped using approved data destruction software to prevent any sensitive information from being accessed by unauthorised parties in future.

4. Paper documents are fed directly into an industrial shredder.

5. Once all items have been destroyed to industry standards , the materials themselves are transferred to various recyclers across the country as raw materials.

6. The staff members who gathered and destroyed the confidential waste are subject to confidentiality agreements and must sign a declaration that they will adhere to all company policies in relation to treating confidential materials with the utmost care and respect at all times.

Why Choose Junkwize for Confidential Waste Disposal & Data Destruction in London?

  1. We provide transparency about the costs involved.
  2. Trustworthy and reliable, we always show up on time and respect our clients’ schedules.
  3. We guarantee to dispose of your waste in a lawful manner 
  4. We are licensed by the Environmental Agency, ISO 9001,  ISO 14001 and Safe Contractor accredited
  5. We are committed to recycling
  6. We are open and on the road seven days a week. 

Apart from our confidential data destruction services, Junkwize can offer you compliant  disposal of hard drives and IT containing data, on-site and off-site paper shredding so you can rest assured that your data and those that you work with is protected and safe.

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