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Junk Removal & Clearance in London

Expert Junk Removal & Clearance in London

Junkwize are London’s most experienced and trusted junk removal & clearance company, faithfully servicing Londoners for many years now and diligently carrying out junk removal & clearance services in London. Whether domestic or commercial properties that require junk removal & clearance, we are able to help you with our speedy and effective service. Our vans are large and sturdy – able to take the heaviest junk or bulky waste produced from both domestic and commercial residences. No matter what kind of rubbish you need cleared, with Junkwize and our amazing team of junk clearance professionals, this will never be a problem.

Our distinguished junk removal & clearance service in London is acclaimed and loved by Londoners. Who hasn’t at one point needed junk removal for whatever reason? Whether it is old beds, mattresses, commercial waste in the form of desks, old boxes, tables, chairs or whatever else, you can rest assured that with Junkwize these will be cleared away in no time and at an affordable cost. With our company and service, we are also very eco-conscious and environmentally friendly, only ever disposing of rubbish that has been cleared from your London property into landfills when necessary. Otherwise, we always endeavour to recycle as much as possible, as this is important for not only Londoners but the world. Other companies may not care about this, but at Junkwize we do and have a genuine passion for being eco-friendly and responsible in our work.

Responsible Junk Removal & Clearance

What makes us Junkwize? We are quick, affordable, and responsible when it comes to junk removal in London. When we collect junk or waste from your residence, you can rest assured that we are doing so in an eco-friendly manner, because we are committed to recycling the waste we collect. We recycle as much waste as possible, and only use landfills when absolutely necessary.

Clear & Transparent Pricing

We charge by the amount of rubbish collected. Our rates include loading, sweep-up and disposal from anywhere on your London premises.

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Easy To Book

Our staff are friendly, helpful and above all else, flexible because we know that your time is important and valuable. As such, we will arrange our visits to suit your calendar and timings.

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Convenient Junk Removal & Clearance in London

Some believe that junk removal and clearance companies are expensive, because some think why should I bother hiring a company when I can dispose of my junk myself? There are a few things to consider here, and why we believe a professional company is the best way to go. In the first instance, we are an affordable company for the level of quality service you receive. With next-day collection, a team of trained experts and easy method of booking (simply call or get a quote on our site!) this really is a bargain. Then, what happens when you have so much stuff that you can’t take it to the landfill, or must do it in many outings at great cost of time? Again, with Junkwize this is something we handle for you.

Furthermore, what happens when some of the items that you want to get rid of may be dangerous or harmful to yourself to dispose of yourself? You shouldn’t leave this up to you and friends to get rid of, as this may cause harm to you. Instead, a proper company can do this in a jiffy, at very little cost to you. Make sure you take care and use Junkwize for such a task, as safety is important to bear in mind!

Eco-Friendly Junk Removal & Clearance in London

We cover the whole of London. We’re often brought to all corners of this great city, performing junk removal & clearance in Harrow, Stratford, Chelsea, Hackney, Islington, Bromley, and everywhere in between. If you are unsure whether our junk removal & clearance service in London can take away the junk that is plaguing you, don’t hesitate. Phone us up or write an inquiry. By speaking to one of our junk removal & clearance experts in London you’ll be able to find out, but it’s very likely that we can take your junk, as we’re very well-equipped for the job.

Lastly, our junk removal & clearance service in London is cheap and affordable for its quality. No one should be left stranded with their junk, and no one should have to pay through the roof in order to get the problem resolved, and this is why Junkwize was created – to make junk removal & clearance in London a simple and easy process for everyone, whether domestic or commercial. Our affordable pricing, speed of turnaround for our service (next-day collections) and helpful staff have made us a people’s favourite for the whole of London. We believe our prices are very fair for the quality of our service, and as such, we will continue delivering this wonderful junk removal and junk clearance to Londoners for many years.