Domestic Rubbish Removal & Collection

We don’t cover your area. Get in touch to see if we can still help. This isn't a valid postcode

Junkwize handle just about everything that a modern London household may possess.

We will undertake complete house clearances where we take responsibility for the rubbish removal of the entire household. When we visit your homes we are always careful in the way we work. We will always discuss with you how we will do the job. This is important when there may be limited access or where you live in a multi-storied building. If you’re a business looking for rubbish removal, we can help you too.

How our service works

Dealing with junk responsibly is often not easy – especially in London. Once you have made up your mind to get rid of your junk you may have the following issues to contend with:

Not enough time • you may not have the right transport • you may not have the right equipment • you may not be able to face the traffic • you may not be able to face the queues at the recycling depots • the opening hours of the recycling sites are inconvenient • you have to identify the correct site or sites for the various junk items • the size of the task is simply beyond you

However, dwelling on these issues will do no good so you still need to get the job done. Junkwize can do that for you and we take all the strain on your behalf. We have the right equipment and transport, we have the economies of scale and we have strong relationships with the various recycling operations across Greater London. So we are properly optimized to do rubbish removal on every scale.

You contact us, either by email or phone. We prefer the phone, it’s friendlier and we can exchange information more easily.


You tell us about your junk; what it is, where it is in your property and where the premises are located & we give you a precise quote before we start work and arrange a time for collection convenient for you.

We load and take your unwanted rubbish for recycling & you can pay in cash or by card. Remember we re-cycle as much as possible!

We don’t cover your area. Get in touch to see if we can still help. This isn't a valid postcode