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Domestic Waste Collection & Disposal in London

Expert Domestic Waste Collection & Disposal in London

For every London resident, we all at some point have to get rid of a large item or pile of junk. We can either leave it outside the front door or somewhere in the house, lying around and taking up space, or we can take action and get professionals to remove it for us. That’s where Junkwize comes into play.

Our professional domestic waste collection & disposal service in London is second to none, leading the way in terms of quality of service in affordable pricing. For quality and price, there is no better option in London for domestic waste collection & disposal in London. To learn more about rubbish removal and collection in London please take a look at our homepage.

London-wide Domestic Waste Collection & Disposal

Cleaning up your waste has never been easier with Junkwize. We work throughout the Greater London area – from Hackney to Richmond, Bromley to Harrow, Islington to Clapham, and all places in between.  Our professionals are efficient and careful, since they are highly trained professionals chosen for their attention to detail for domestic waste collection & disposal.

Another very attractive aspect of our service is the quickness with which we come to your property once an order has been placed. Our vans roam the city, receive the order, and will make their way to your property for domestic waste collection & disposal in London – minimum hassle comes to you since we always do the lifting ourselves.

How our service works

Dealing with your junk without professional help is not often easy, in London or anywhere else. There are pitfalls in this subject, like health & safety, time, money and it requires a lot of effort.

Thankfully, Junkwize the professionals are here, and below are the very easy to follow steps of how our service allows you to get rid of your junk, all at the push of a button on your computer or by contacting us over the phone.

You contact us, either by email or phone. We prefer the phone, it’s friendlier and we can exchange information more easily.


You tell us about your junk; what it is, where it is in your property and where the premises are located & we give you a precise quote before we start work and arrange a time for collection convenient for you.

We load and take your unwanted rubbish for recycling & you can pay in cash or by card. Remember we re-cycle as much as possible!