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Skip Hire in London

Affordable Skip Hire Service in London

At Junkwize we are able to provide our customers with expert skip hire services in London through our quick quote process and have the ability to rapidly deploy our large number of skips for hire in London. Our skips range in size and are built to accommodate all waste types dependent on the desired size of skip for hire. At Junkwize, we have the ability to cater for small and mini skip hire in London, all the way through to larger skips, ranging in sizes from 4 to 40 yards. In addition to this, we are also able to offer supporting equipment such as lights, locks, waste handling services and skip cradles.

Whether you are a commercial business or domestic household, rest assured that environment and eco-friendly waste removal practices are at the forefront of our minds. we always have this in mind with our skip hire in London service. As a prospective customer, we would like to give you the confidence that any waste collected in our hired skips will be dealt with efficiently and responsibly in the most eco-friendly manner possible.

How much is it to hire a skip in London?

Skip hire prices differ, depending on the size of your waste. We have a wide range of skips from 4 yards, 6 yards, 8 yards, 12 yards and 16 yards.

Here is the Skip Size list (the measurements are indicative and can vary depending on the manufacturer):

4 yard skip hire

A 4 yard skip hire is perfect for small amounts of heavy waste Volume: 3.06m3 Dimensions: 1.83m x 1.29m x 0.97m Capacity: Around 40 bin bags

£235 +VAT
6 yard skip hire

A 6 yard skip hire is perfect for small amounts of heavy waste Volume: 4.6m3 Dimensions: 2.6m x 1.52m x 1.22m Capacity: Around 60 bin bags

£265 +VAT
8 yard skip hire

An 8 yard skip hire is perfect for small amounts of heavy waste Volume: 6.12m3 Dimensions: 3.66m x 1.68m x 1.22m Capacity: Around 80 bin bags

£285 +VAT
12 yard skip hire

A 12 yard skip hire is perfect for large amounts of bulky waste Volume: 9.2m3 Dimensions: 3.7m x 1.78m x 1.68m Capacity: Around 120 bin bags

£345 +VAT

Why Choose Junkwize for Skip Hire?

The are different reason to choose Junkwize for your skip hire needs:

  1. Skip Hire Prices: Londoners are always appreciative of our affordable skip hire prices as well as for transparency and accountability on every step of the process. We make our clients happy by providing excellent service at a reasonable cost.
  2. Reliable skip hire service: We respect our customers’ time and needs, that’s why we always show up on time and reach their expectations.
  3. Efficient Waste Management Service: Skips are able to be placed on private land if there is specific access to the space, and can be placed on the roads or pavements within the respective Local Authority Permission. 
  4. Eco-friendly and Environmental Waste Removal: At Junkwize, we are insured and licensed by the Environmental Agency, which assures that our disposal process is lawful. We are also ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and Safe Contractor accredited.
  5. COVID-19 Safe Service: Caring for the Health and Safety of our clients and our staff is at the forefront of our business, while delivering and collecting skips, we ensure that all measures suggested by the Government and NHS are strictly adhered to.

Efficient Skip Hire Service in London

Junkwize’s mission is to provide an efficient, affordable and trustworthy waste removal service that fulfills our customers specific needs. 

Our experienced team is always ready to assist you with either commercial or domestic waste clearance projects, construction projects waste clearance and business premises waste management, we are your best waste management solutions company. 

Discover more of our waste disposal and removal service in London.

How to book for a skip hire?

Booking cheap skip hire with Junkwize could not be easier – to do so, please contact us via our website where a member of our team will guide you through the booking process or fill out our booking form to get a free quote.

Where do Junkwize’s skip hire services operate?

We provide skip hire services across different locations in London.

Click on the locations below to see if Junkwize skip hire services operate in your area:

Central London  |  West London  |  South London  |  North London  |  East London

We also offer Skip Hire Alternative services, for those who would like to get rid of a large amount of rubbish.

Crane Tested Skip Hire & Enclosed Skips

At Junkwize, we also provide tested crane liftable skips which are perfect for handling heavier waste as they have four handles for lifting purposes. Tested crane liftable skips are ideal for construction and demolition sites, as well as general & household waste. Our crane tested skips comply with the Health & Safety requirements.

At the same time, we offer enclosed skips hire which is ideal for lifting heavy and bulky waste from construction and demolition operations.

Skip Hire FAQ

Does skip hire include disposal?

Yes, our skip hire service includes disposal of the waste. This way, our customers can be assured that all the processes will be taken care of by our team of professionals and experts in waste management. At Junkwize, we offer a range of waste disposal services which includes Domestic Waste Disposal, Commercial Waste Disposal & Collection, as well as Construction & Building Waste Disposal.

What can you put in a waste skip?

When hiring a skip, we want to make sure our customers are aware of the type of waste we are allowed to remove and place in our skips. Junkwize’s skip hire services remove a wide variety of items within both commercial and construction sectors, and also within domestic households. 

As providing a flexible and professional service is our ultimate goal, it’s important for us to make our customers aware of some items that are restricted when hiring a skip with us, which are: Oil and paints, Chemical and solvents, Gas containers, Fridges, Mattresses, Asbestos, Carpet tiles.

Do I need a skip?

Skips are good for heavy dense materials such as building waste, hardcore, soil etc.

We suggest that you check our waste removal services for bulky waste such as furniture, cardboard, packaging, green waste and light materials in general. For larger quantities you might want to check our RoRo page  

How long do you normally have a skip for?

Junkwize’s skip hire service allows customers to keep the skip as long as they require. However, wait and load include 30 minutes, the holding time for delivery is between 1 and 14 days.

 We aim for a 24 hour turnaround whenever possible delivery & response service, which means you’ll have access to the skip hire within a reasonable period of time.

Do I need a Skip Hire Permit?

Yes, a skip permit is needed when skips need to be placed on the road or pavement. This permit must be confirmed by your Local Authority Permission. Our team always tries to go the extra mile for our customers, and more often than not has the ability to arrange a skip permit for you. However, on some occasions, Local Authorities only deal directly with those who are hiring the skip.

It’s also important to notice that Local Authorities charge a permit/licence fee and will insist that the skip is covered and has lights on it if it is left overnight.

Do I need to cover the skip?

Yes the skip placed on public land must be covered, a normal tarpaulin will do the job.

Do I need lights?

Yes, the skip must be lit during the hours of darkness, skip lights can be bought from  most DIY stores such as Screwfix and B&Q.

Do I need a wait and load or a delivery?

Wait and loads give you 30 minutes loading time, this type of service is good for when there is enough manpower to load the skip, and to avoid further expenses for skip licences to the Local Authority.

Delivery skips are good for sites producing waste at a slow pace requiring containment for longer periods.

At Junkwize we also offer an extension to our skip hire in the form of our RoRo bin rubbish removal service. Find out more about Roll-On Roll-Off (Roro) Skip Hire.