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Commercial Waste Collection & Disposal in London

Specialist Commercial Waste Collection & Disposal in London

Commercial Waste Collection & Disposal in London

Every business in the world produces waste and Junkwize can help you to become a responsible business to reduce, reuse, recycle and upcycle. 

We are all becoming increasingly aware that the largest producers of waste need to be held accountable and the government and governing bodies have implemented very strict rules and regulations to ensure that all the commercial waste is properly treated and recycled according to the highest standards.

Junkwize has delivered a professional and responsible commercial waste disposal & collection service in London for many years now, aiding businesses in streamlining their waste management process. We are London’s leaders in waste disposal & collection for commercial businesses because of our affordable pricing, and secondly because of our reliability. Working with Junkwize cannot be simpler. We are a flexible and responsive commercial waste collection and disposal company, adjusting our timings or service to suit your needs. Discover more of our general service of rubbish removal and collection in London by visiting our homepage.

From restaurant waste management, clinical waste disposal to industrial waste management – we cover them all and beyond. If you are a commercial business requiring waste collection & disposal in London, please get in touch now to understand more about our service or to book a collection now. We will meet at times to suit you, agree the methodology of the rubbish clearance so as to minimise any disruptions to your operations and agree a timetable for completion. We will always seek to provide the best “green” solution by maximum recycling. This will in turn allow your organization to demonstrate its corporate social responsibility (CSR) by being environmentally aware.

Commercial Waste Collection & Disposal Services

Here at Junkwize, we offer commercial waste collection and disposal for businesses in a variety of different sectors. From industrial waste to catering waste, we are here for all your commercial waste disposal needs. Our process is easy, affordable and flexible, and you can rest easy knowing that our services are environmentally friendly. Interested? Read on to learn a bit more or give us a call at 020 3393 5690 for more information on how we can help you save money and get rid of your commercial waste.

With prices starting from as little as £50+VAT no rubbish removal job is too small. Equally, we take great pride in being able to deal with really massive jobs. We have in the past helped companies gut offices completely. In doing so we have removed all sorts from offices. Usually the rubbish is made up of equipment, furniture, storage, papers, books, carpets and many other fixtures and fittings. The Junkwize team has also removed rubbish from retail stores. This has for the most part included things like racking, shelving, cupboards and old stock.

At Junkwize we prioritise ending wastage and we are in the business to build a circular economy as much as possible where waste is seen as a resource and reused and repurposed.

Junkwize has a vast portfolio of clients such as Property managers, offices, banks, charities, schools, hotels and businesses in the retail, catering and industrial sector.

Why use Junkwize’s Commercial Waste Collection Services?

  1. Junkwize can offer your commercial business a full waste management service so you can focus on what you do best and leave what we do best to us 
  2. Junkwize only uses 100% compliant partners when the task cannot be completed by ourselves 
  3. Junkwize has the experience and the know how
  4. Junkwize works to achieve a circular economy to ensure you save the planet whilst also saving money

To discuss how you can be a responsible partner please call us on 0203 432 2118 or send us an email.

How our service works

We know that many London businesses accumulate junk very quickly and that they are very conscious of it becoming unsightly, dirty, unhygienic and space consuming. It’s easy to see how this can create a very negative image, so that’s why we aim to provide an exceptional commercial waste collection & disposal service in London. We are used to working on a retained basis where we visit your premises regularly, at times and on dates convenient to you.

You will know that many electrical items are subject to strict disposal regulation – generally known as WEEE (Waste Electricals and Electronic Equipment) – and we will ensure compliance with this regulation.

As well, Junkwize can undertake work that involve environmentally hazardous substances removal, asbestos removal and others such chemicals, gases or liquids.

If you are a Landlord, Estate Agent, Property Manager, Land Agent or Housing Association then your own professional service can be enhanced by partnering with Junkwize. This will benefit both you and your clients. For commercial waste collection & disposal in London, get in touch now.

You contact us, either by email or phone. We prefer the phone, it’s friendlier and we can exchange information more easily. 08006440677

You tell us about your junk; what it is, where it is in your office, where the business premises are located & we give you a precise quote before we start work and arrange a time for collection convenient for you.

We load and take your unwanted rubbish for recycling & you can pay in cash or by card. Remember we recycle as much as possible!