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Confidential Waste & Document Disposal in London

Why is destroying confidential waste so important?

In the age of identity fraud and credit card cloning, confidential waste destruction should be at the forefront of every business owner’s mind. Almost every organisation will need to dispose of confidential employee data at some point, and most will regularly handle their customer’s personal or even financial data as well.

As the laws around confidential data continue to be expanded, businesses have to be more responsible than ever when dealing with confidential waste and document disposal. Hard drives, servers, network equipment and confidential papers all need to be disposed of in a confidential and secure manner. This is where Junkwize can help.

How we dispose of your confidential waste


Junkwize offer a confidential shredding service to destroy all types of confidential waste, including confidential document destruction and the removal of records for consumers and businesses. We also dispose of electronic items that may contain sensitive data, such as external hard drives and office computers. All equipment will be completely wiped, then either be refurbished by our computer technicians or dismantled for spares or recycling. Any data on hard drives of PCs, servers or laptops is securely destroyed to DOD standards and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

When it comes to shredding and document disposal, we really do understand the importance of ensuring that confidential documents are well and truly destroyed. That’s why at Junkwize we use a shredding method that reduces all paper material to dust rather than strips, making it impossible for anyone to piece together your confidential waste when we are done with it. Junkwize handle confidential waste disposal in London and the surrounding areas. We know the capital moves at a fast pace and therefore we are always on hand to help deal with your confidential document destruction needs.


The importance of proper confidential document destruction


Outsourcing your confidential waste disposal makes sense for two main reasons. Firstly, it allows your company to ensure that the confidential data in your waste is properly and completely disposed of, eliminating the risk that it might fall into the hands of criminals, fraudsters or even commercial rivals who could benefit from getting access to it.

Secondly, by using an environmentally-conscious disposal company such as Junkwize, you can be assured that your confidential waste is disposed of in a way which has as little environmental impact as possible. After carefully removing any trace of confidential data from your items, we will recycle what we can from the remains, reducing the amount of waste produced.

Do I need to use a confidential waste disposal service?


While it’s great that the importance of customer and employee data remaining private is finally being widely understood, many businesses still aren’t fully aware of the steps they need to take when disposing of their confidential waste. If you handle employee data of any kind, including personal identifiable information (PII) or payment details, then you need to ensure a trustworthy and reliable outfit such as Junkwize is taking care of your confidential waste disposal.

Legal firms, e-commerce websites, retailers, medical facilities, education facilities and membership bodies are just some of organisations that require confidential waste disposal services. Speak to our team today to find out if you need Junkwize to help remove and destroy your confidential waste.

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