Moving home? All you need to know

3rd June 2014 by Alessandro Maccioni

With the London property market currently set to ‘very, very busy’ it seems like now would be an opportune time for JunkWize to provide its readers with some moving advice.

Moving home, especially for the first time is exciting; it’s a chance for change and a new beginning. However, it’s no surprise that an event of this magnitude can be incredibly stressful, so we’ve put together a few tips if you do have grand plans to move home.

Call in the cavalry!

The first decision you will have to make is whether to do the job singlehandedly or bring in some external help. Remember, don’t be afraid to call in the cavalry, aka your friends and family, especially if the job is a manageable one – after all, that’s what they are there for!

However, in most cases you may find that you need a removal van for transferring your heavy furniture and a junk clearance company for the additional waste. In these instances, professional help will provide you with peace of mind that the job will be done to letter. The sheer range of items, from old mattresses to electricals to broken odds and ends, will require a range of waste clearance methods which may include multiple trips to your local dump and possibly the need for a skip outside your house. One thing you will find, is that professional removal businesses and junk clearance companies will have the manpower for the heavy lifting and the know-how for removing and disposing of tricky items.

Sort out your items ahead of time

Whether you decide to go down the professional help route or not, one of the most important steps you can make ahead of your move is to decide in advance which items you will be taking and which ones won’t make the cut.

As we mentioned above, moving home is a chance for a new beginning, so this is a chance to clear out a lot of the hoarded objects that you have collected over the years. Be sure to give a scrutinous glance over your old furniture, clothes/ toys and miscellaneous items that tend to clutter homes. Remember, you will want plenty of free space in your new place to gather these sorts of things over the next few years.

Out with the old, in with the new

Once you have disposed of the junk from your old home it’s time to head into your new abode and give it a similar treatment.You may even have begun renovation works on your new property which tends to include the installation of suites and units. If this is the case, you will likely have heavy junk items such as sinks, toilets and washing machines that will need clearing from your home. Add this to the additional items left behind from the previous owners such as curtains, cupboards and garden equipment and you may find that you may soon have more junk in your new home then you did in your old one!

If you live in London and are considering to move as conveniently as possible, then JunkWize operate anywhere within the M25 – from Westminster to Wandsworth. We charge by the cubic yard so it’s usually best to decant as many objects into each other beforehand as possible.

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