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Make your garden an urban paradise

4th July 2013 by Alessandro Maccioni

With the summer finally here, more and more of us will be heading into the garden for warm sunny evenings, barbeques and garden parties.

At least, those of us who have gardens worth being in will be doing that – others will be shutting their junk-filled back yards away from the world.

It’s inevitable to let our gardens go from a private paradise to a private waste disposal site, especially over the winter when we don’t want to go outdoors anyway. But with long evenings to take advantage of, it’s time to reclaim your garden as your own. So, try these simple steps to garden paradise.

Clear the junk

Garden waste, old furniture, even rusty car parts… a lot of junk can build up in gardens over time, often without us noticing.

A green garden with numerous paths crossing it.

A stunning garden full of plants with no rubbish present.

The first step to reclaiming your garden is to clear as much of this junk as possible, to give yourself room to start beautifying.

If the sheer volume of junk is a little too much to handle by yourself, consider using garden clearance in London to clear everything in no time.

Get planting

A neglected and unloved garden will almost always have weary and worn-out plants that only serve to add to the dilapidated look of your outdoor space.

Start by giving these plants a little attention, then introduce some healthy new specimens to create a more vibrant, natural space.

You might also want to think about laying new turf if your lawn is looking depleted, as a healthy green lawn makes a garden look ten times better. If your current lawn only needs a little touching up, spread grass seeds to add body and coverage.

New furniture

A garden is there to be enjoyed, especially in the summer months, so investing in some new garden entertainment is the final step to creating that garden paradise.

A patio set can start to look a little tired after a couple of years, so replace your outdoor table and chairs with a new set to fit in with your new garden.

It’s then time to dust off your barbeque set, or invest in a new one, and invite people over to marvel at your new urban paradise. What could be better?