Sofa Removal & Disposal in London

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London's leading sofa removal company

Over time, sofas tend to wear out, become old fashioned and need replacement. However considering how heavy and bulky the household item is, removing a sofa from your house becomes a challenging and hard task. Any Londoner will have seen an old sofa lying on the side of a road. Dumping sofas in this way is illegal and can cost you a hefty fine. That is why you need a sofa removal and disposal company in London that provides a professional, hassle-free and friendly service. Junkwize is just this company. We will take the stress out of removing your sofa.

Our effective and efficient service means that no Londoner is left with the weight of hanging onto (or illegally disposing of) their sofa. Our professionally trained staff have disposed of and recycled old sofas for years, and we do so in an eco-friendly manner. Whether it is just one or a range of old, unwanted sofas, we will come to your location and deliver our industry-recognised furniture removal service. Our highly experienced clearance team are very careful while working and will remove your sofas safely and not damaging any part of your place.

Affordable, quick and eco-friendly sofa removal

When it comes to sofa disposal and removal, then there’s only one option – Junkwize. We find the most optimal solution for you and for an affordable price. All you have to do is simply call and schedule a time most convenient for you and we will then send our expert sofa clearance team in London to carry out and remove your sofa and further dispose it in an eco-friendly manner.

Don’t wait – get a free quote now and remove your old sofa now. If you’d like to know more about our general junk removal service, visit this page now.

We don’t cover your area. Get in touch to see if we can still help. This isn't a valid postcode