Be Junkwize - Rubbish Removal

Why We Need to Start Paying Attention to Outer Space Rubbish Removal
21st July 2014 by Alessandro Maccioni
Although on the blog we usually address rubbish removal in central London, today we’ll be peering through our telescopes and focusing on outer-planetary junk matters.   Recently our attention has...
When Rubbish Collection Becomes Art
27th June 2014 by Alessandro Maccioni
As rubbish removal specialists, we aren’t averse to a little rubbish rummaging, especially when it comes down to sorting waste from recyclables, but one man has taken rifling through rubbish...
Rubbish Removal Options to Avoid Fines
12th June 2014 by Mike Grindy
In a bid to keep UK streets clean, one local authority in Wales will next week introduce legislation imposing fines on those who fail to keep their land tidy and...
Government policy on recycling and rubbish collection
6th June 2014 by Alessandro Maccioni
It is usually local councils who determine how waste is collected and removed, however a lot depends on the policies of Westminster’s governmental hierarchy.   Since the election of the...
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